About Alan

From 1990 to 2000, I worked in a large law firm in Boston.  With two kids and a third one on the way, I needed to find a way to escape the everyday routine of a one hour commute each way to and from work so I could be home in time to spend quality time with my family. I started attending lectures on law practice management and hired a law practice consultant.  Within the year I quit my job, moved to a small practice minutes from my home, and went about devising and finally implementing what is known as the first “paperless” law practice in Massachusetts.

Since then, I founded a successful law practice consulting firm, chaired the Law Practice Management Section of the Massachusetts Bar Association, served on the Editorial Board of the American Bar Association’s GPSolo Magazine, Chaired the ABA’s Technology Section, and have traveled the country giving seminars on everything related to successful law practice management and was awarded the American Bar Association’s “Trainer of the Year” Award in 2009.  You can click here to see all the things I’ve done as it relates to successful practice management.


Successful law practice management is comprised of four distinct categories – marketing, finance, practice and technology.  There must be a balance among all four of these in order to run and maintain a successful law practice. If one is not in balance, lawyers must work harder to achieve balance in that area, thereby causing imbalance in the pother practice areas.


I am still a practicing lawyer with an active caseload.  I’m serving in the trenches with you.  I have experienced the shift from medium and large size firms being the norm to the swing to solo and small firm practitioners.  I stay up to date with case law and legislative changes that affect your practice.  I will help you with document assembly specific to your practice.  While non-lawyer law practice consultants can get you up and running with hardware and software, the buck stops with them right there.  Once implemented, I can show you how to use existing and emerging technologies that are relevant to your personal practice.  To put it another way, I’m a “show me” type of person.  While many law practice consultants talk a good law practice management game, I will show it to you.  And repeat it until you have it down as well as I do.